April 2018

Yvette’s Experience

Yvette tells of her first experience: “Safe Haven and the Bond! Bat shit stir crazy about summed me up! I had already gone out, my first outing was Sparkle! Yvette Bond does not do half measures. But all that seemed a lifetime ago and the realisation had already dawned…I am alone down here, I have no local friends, no one to socialise with and nowhere to go. So I continued to… Read More »Yvette’s Experience

Terri’s Experience

Terri is now one of our regulars, here’s what she has to say about coming here. “It’s awesome!! Oh wait… you want to know more?” My first time at Safe Haven was in July 2016 after speaking with the ever-lovely sista-from-another-mista Yvette on the TV Chix website. The TV Chix website is a great resource for chatting and getting to know people but unfortunately, it does suffer from the fact… Read More »Terri’s Experience

Suzi’s Experience

Suzi tells us a little about her background and how she first came to visit us at Safe Haven. It was over a year ago now that I first visited Safe Haven, and found a group of supportive friends who have become a major part of my life. Before I get to talking about that visit a little background might be useful.I have been out on the trans scene for… Read More »Suzi’s Experience

Sophie’s Experience

Our lovely Sophie tells us about her first time at Safe Haven. There are not many events that Sophie doesn’t make now, and it’s never the same without her. xx My first visit to Safe Haven was in May 2016 … I’d “discovered” Sophie only two weeks earlier, and was invited by Faye and Linda to come to Cornwall.. I remember being very shy, lacking any confidence, and confused as to who… Read More »Sophie’s Experience

Roxy’s Experience

The lovely Roxy is a regular visitor to Safe Haven, thank you Roxy for being part of the family. Well I go back to The Castle at Axminster and meeting Pixie Laylia Lily and Paula DeVine but the very first time I meet them was the Exeter Pride and straight away they came across as lovely people with big hearts. I had been out for some time but was still… Read More »Roxy’s Experience

Martina’s Experience

Martina tells us what Safe Haven means to her Hi…I’m Martina…10 years ago I was only active in cyberspace as a girl…five years ago I was crossdressing in private and planning my real life debut on a canal trip in Warwickshire…four years ago…I found my first local hangout in a parish hall in a dead end of Devon… …well…it was a hangout. Somewhere to be Martina in real life locally…except… Read More »Martina’s Experience

Jadey’s First Experience

Jadey tells us of her first contact with us. Prior to the event, I had spoken to real girl Pixie the event owner, and partner of Paula, a number of times. WATTSgirl did a small article on Diamante Unicorns (previously) the all round dressing service.We had spoken to each other many times on Facebook, so I had an idea of what the event may hold.I arrived at approximately 4pm in… Read More »Jadey’s First Experience

Erin’s Safe Haven Experience

Erin had her first taste of Safe Haven in April 2016, she tells of her unique experience. Last weekend I went to a venue called Safe Haven in Camborne, Cornwall. A new friend I met told of the event. Inside I was reserved at first. I traditionally disliked events that involved dancing, clubs and the like. I always felt out of place and self conscious. But something inside told that… Read More »Erin’s Safe Haven Experience

Party Weekend: 06/07 April 2018

What a wonderful, busy weekend. Friday night at Miss Molly’s Tearooms was delicious and so relaxed, then back to Safe Haven for a great evening of laughter and pool. Saturday afternoon Ria Hawkins taught pole dancing which was well attended and so much fun, we will be inviting her back very soon. Saturday night we welcomed 7 new friends to Safe Haven, and we had 55 people attend our party!… Read More »Party Weekend: 06/07 April 2018