Jadey’s First Experience

Jadey tells us of her first contact with us.

Prior to the event, I had spoken to real girl Pixie the event owner, and partner of Paula, a number of times.

WATTSgirl did a small article on Diamante Unicorns (previously) the all round dressing service.

We had spoken to each other many times on Facebook, so I had an idea of what the event may hold.

I arrived at approximately 4pm in male mode, with another girl, found the venue, (Thanks to SATNAV) ha ha, and met with Pixie and Paula, briefly. A big hug from them, the biggest welcome you could imagine, wow I felt like a wanted princess. I won’t be jilted, at the alter here. Me thinks.

Other girls, mostly in male mode, were there, but we had never met before. (For me this is one of the delights of being a girl. The transformation of us all.)

Then the whirlwind that is Pixie sent me to a room and I started to get changed, privately.
In one of the other rooms, was a recording crews, of the pre-arranged filming of Paula’s documentary. My transformation takes ages, and as I applied my make-up, I could hear the questions being fired to Paula, and recording taking place. (Obviously keeping silent while this was taking place)
Paula’s Bio, is for another time, and probably a new book…ha ha, and obviously a biopic…

I got ready, and Jadey came out, ready to dance the night away. (As it transpired more like yapping). I had a pre-arranged bed, booked in the caravan.

I was amazed by the dozens of TGirls parading their girly wears, this evening, the hospitality was second to none, music for the masses, drinks at the bar, buffet on the table…..and party until the early hours.

A Tgirl’s dream. Of feeling free, no heirs and graces, no ego’s, no prejudice….Constant talk of dressing, how long, why…..who knows. Wow, the new people and friends I have met.

Then there are the extra little things that Pixie and Paula had organised:-

A pop up wardrobe, high heel cakes, a photographic session………help with make up for all the girls…..
The list and hospitality, is both endless, breathless and so, so very welcome.

The next morning, for those that stayed, we had a buffet breakfast……..and it was most welcome, mainly thanks to the 2 x bottles of wine I had the night before. ha ha.

I arrived as a princess, but left a coronetted Queen.

Thank You.


Review by Jadey Clarkson

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