Roxy’s Experience

The lovely Roxy is a regular visitor to Safe Haven, thank you Roxy for being part of the family.

Well I go back to The Castle at Axminster and meeting Pixie Laylia Lily and Paula DeVine but the very first time I meet them was the Exeter Pride and straight away they came across as lovely people with big hearts. I had been out for some time but was still nervous about going to strange new places but was drawn to these caring people and I found other like myself it helped me so much, 

I remember my first time at Safe haven Sugar & Spice the same as they always are… a lovely feeling of being accepted and supported, I found I could talk to others about transition and their journies to the end of there transition.

I myself will help anyone with their heartbreaks, their ups and downs. I didn’t have any of this support so I do know how scary that outside world can be, I have looked them demons in the face and sat in front of bottles of pills because of my pain of not being who I was meant to be.

Pixie and Paula are there for all of you.

I hope that when you read this you will realise that we are here for you, we won’t look down our noses at you and you will become part of the family whether you come as a brother or a sister… yes it works both ways (even though we are mostly made up of girls) but even so we are there for all of you. I hope Pixie and Paula don’t mind me saying this I am not taking any of their good work away I love them so much and because they showed me so much support and kindness. I want to give something back to them and I can do this by providing my support to others too, working with them.

One last thing to say, “Live Your Dreams, cuz no one can live them for you!” 

Roxy xxx

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