Sophie’s Experience

Our lovely Sophie tells us about her first time at Safe Haven. There are not many events that Sophie doesn’t make now, and it’s never the same without her. xx

My first visit to Safe Haven was in May 2016 … I’d “discovered” Sophie only two weeks earlier, and was invited by Faye and Linda to come to Cornwall.. 

I remember being very shy, lacking any confidence, and confused as to who I was or where I fitted on the spectrum. I was immediately made very welcome by Pixie and Paula, who were kind and supportive.

Shy as I was, I do remember befriending another first timer and we both spent the evening talking (when I wasn’t dancing).

It was my first night in heels ever and I must have had them on from 6pm till at least 0200. I decided I could live in heels after that night. 

It was the burlesque evening and I think I started to understand who I should be when I saw a picture of me smiling and happier than I’ve seen myself in thirty years. I treasure that picture and it hangs on my wall to remind me.

Apart from the party it was so good to meet so many different girls at various stages of their journeys and begin to make sense of mine..Roxy was a fountain of knowledge and I learnt so much of the girl I was to become. 

A year later I’m referred to Laurels, on hormone therapy through my GP and have just gone full time (without realising it… to the amusement of several girls at Safe Haven)

Safe Haven is still special to me, and it’s always great to see old friends and inspire and encourage the new girls who arrive there for their first time, shy and sometimes confused. It’s so wonderful to watch them blossom and become who they are.


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