Yvette’s Experience

Yvette tells of her first experience: “Safe Haven and the Bond!

Bat shit stir crazy about summed me up! I had already gone out, my first outing was Sparkle! Yvette Bond does not do half measures. But all that seemed a lifetime ago and the realisation had already dawned…I am alone down here, I have no local friends, no one to socialise with and nowhere to go. So I continued to climb my walls, a caged tiger. Then one day an angel came to call, her name is Jadey and she invited me out and I knew from the first time I met her that we’d be bezzy mates forever and we’d meet so many more. She told me about Safe Haven and I was hooked…I had to go!

By now I had gotten onto Facebook and thus joined the group and oh my what a family of ready-made friends they all seemed to be and OMG how true that was. What a first night! To meet so many beautiful people, to chat with so many new friends, to dance…to be hugged just for being in the way! Tears came to my eyes and I had to feign the toilet just to shed them a little more before composing myself to go back out there…and yes it was all real and in charge of it all was the most awesome lady, Pixie. When we spoke I felt a washed with love, she genuinely cared about me…someone she’d never met!

I cried again that night, I made my excuse that I always cry when I take my makeup off for the night, when Yvette has to leave – I always do. But that night it was so much more. I cried because I was so overwhelmed, so happy, so filled with love.

I guess you could say I am a regular now, even an old hand. OK it’s only been 6 months or so but hay we know that’s a life time in a Tgirls timezone! And yes you may still catch me crying there in the dead of night but it won’t just be because of the loss of my makeup. I thank you all my beautiful friends, From the bottom of my heart I thank you… for setting me free, for now I am a tiger burning bright. 



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