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In response to concerns about the current NHS waiting lists, GenderGP is coming down to sunny Cornwall for their first ever Roadshow! The aim of the event is to inform trans people & their families on the medical side of transitioning and what your options are.

This is worth attending even if you’re not quite sure if you want to medically transition, as the experts will be able to answer any questions you have. You also don’t need to be considering private care to attend.

We are very proud to welcome people across the whole gender variant spectrum and are by no means an organisation that focuses on medical transition. However, we have quite a number of people who are either considering medical transition, going through the process or have completed their medical transition.

As you are probably well aware there are currently a significant number of issues involved in the whole process, from initial GP contact and support, the availability of drugs and hormones from the internet prompting self-medication, and the ever-increasing delays with the NHS, including a least one GIC now advising people to go private.

In light of this, we have planned a free-to-attend GenderGP Roadshow starting at 14:30 on Saturday 8th June to discuss all issues around the whole transition process from initial counselling to post-operation support.  This day has been arranged to provide information and answer questions on ‘all you ever wanted to know’ about the implications, process and costs of transitioning. We will be supported on this day by a team from GenderGP and invites are being extended to appropriate groups across the South West.

The day is open to all, regardless of whether currently on the transition route or not, across all gender expressions. Under 18s can attend if accompanied by a parent/guardian.

This is a genuine opportunity to advise and educate people on the ‘truth’ of the transitioning process, their rights and entitlements, potential pitfalls, warts and all.

Format of the Day

The following representatives of GenderGP will be attending:

    A preeminent authority on gender-nonconforming and transgender healthcare, Dr Helen Webberley is a fierce advocate for the rights of gender variant patients of all ages to get timely and safe access to healthcare when they need it. She believes that the UK’s approach to the medical support and treatment of gender variant patients of all ages is lagging behind international centres of excellence. She set up GenderGP support services in a bid to redress this balance.
    Aby Hawker is head of communications for GenderGP. She looks after all internal and external comms managing everything from event organisation to media interviews. Aby will act as compere, introducing the speakers and helping with questions etc.
    Marianne came into this particular branch of therapy after struggling to find a counsellor with the right experience and qualifications to help her with her own journey, as a transgender woman. In her role, Marianne works with transgender and gender-questioning clients providing both one to one therapy, family and couples counselling. Her first-hand experience as a trans woman gives her a unique insight into some of the everyday struggles and challenges which face not only those who are themselves gender variant, but also those who support them.
    A former NHS nurse with 25 years’ experience of working with adults and children.  Sally transferred her skills to GenderGP after experiencing the frustration of looking for healthcare and support on the NHS for her 12-year-old trans daughter. She believes in individualised, inclusive care. As a Mum and a professional, Sally is proud to fight for the rights of the trans community.

Each of the 3 speakers will talk about what brought them to GenderGP, how it works, and do some myth busting. The presentations will be relaxed and accessible.

The second half of the session will be an experts’ style Q&A with all 3 experts. If you are planning to attend and would like to submit a question in advance please let us know via e-mail to

There will then be an opportunity for informal discussions.

Booking a Ticket

Attendance at the event is being restricted to a maximum of 80 and no-one will be admitted if they have not pre-booked.  If you wish to log questions to be discussed as part of the session or ask further questions on the day, accommodation etc. please contact Paula on 07916 172003. There is limited accommodation available on-site for a small fee, on a first come first serve basis. There are also plenty of places you can stay around the area, including a nearby Travel Lodge, a nearby Premier Inn, Lowennac, and the Penventon Hotel. For further information, please contact us.

The event has been organised to coincide with one of our regular social weekends, which involves an evening meal at 19:30 on Friday 7th June at a local venue with a private room open exclusively for us followed by adjournment to the fully licensed Bat Cave, hired by Safe Haven – Cornwall.

On Saturday evening from around 19:30 we will be having a party night, with singer Joe Balsdon, supported by DJ Nicole Stone. A selection of hot food will be available from the venue for a small charge.

To book a ticket, please contact Paula on 07916 172003.

2 thoughts on “Gender GP Roadshow”

  1. Hi I’m one of the few trans gps in uk, I’m really interested in your roadshow and will ring tomorrow to try and book ticket and accommodation.

    1. Hi Wendy, that’s brilliant, we would love to have you. Please give Paula a call tomorrow on 07916 172003 to book a ticket!

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