GenderGP Roadshow – 8th June 2019

What an amazing event. We had GenderGP down for their first ever Roadshow. The event was aimed at answering questions and dispelling rumours about the medical side of transition. We had almost 60 people attend the afternoon, with quite a few of those staying on for the evening.

There was quite a lot of anxiety from those in attendance about the current issues that trans people face transitioning through the NHS. GenderGP were extremely helpful and willing to answer questions about how trans people can approach their GPs in light of the waiting lists.

Whilst GenderGP are a private service, they were very encouraging and helpful to those who want to, or have no option but to, continue on the NHS route. With current waiting times exceeding 4 years before hormones can be accessed, working with GPs to provide alternative solutions is the way forward.

As part of our ongoing work, Safe Haven and GenderGP will be working together to provide information packs and guidance for trans people and GPs on bridging prescriptions and other ways that GPs can advocate for trans patients who are facing exceedingly long waiting times.

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