Our Objectives

The Objectives of the Charity, as recorded with the Charity Commission, are as below:

To relieve the needs of transgender and gender diverse people and those who are their significant others including partners, parents, family members, carers and close friends, in order to aid mental and emotional wellbeing, eliminate isolation, tackle social stigma and in doing so aid better understanding by them and of their families and friends; and to promote equality and diversity and eliminate discrimination and prejudice in relation to all gender diverse people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for the public benefit by such means as determined by the charity including, in particular but not exclusively by:

A) The provision of advice, information, guidance, and crisis intervention for gender diverse individuals and their significant others; Providing opportunities to meet likeminded individuals and a means of communication and support between such persons; And providing support to assist gender diverse individuals overcome barriers to better integrate into mainstream society.

B) The promotion of education and training to inform the public and professional organisations, sectors and those who may employ or come into contact with gender diverse people through their work about all aspects of gender variance. Including provision of information, advice and facilitating training on transgender awareness, rights of transgender people and how to provide transgender friendly services with the aim of eliminating discrimination, prejudice and social exclusion and gaining public understanding, acceptance and support for the transgender community.