Support Groups

During the Covid-19 Lockdown we stopped operating all our regular face-to-face support groups and held support calls via Zoom, and for a period of almost 14 weeks there was at least one zoom call every night. During a total period of over 5 months, these calls proved very successful, having been joined by over 60 people, and provided a lifeline to many who were in situations where they were even more isolated than usual. As a result, some of the more regular attendees have been inspired to set up their own smaller Zoom groups in order for them to provide their own regular peer to peer support, a development which we are pleased to see and of which we are fully supportive.

As the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions began to be eased, and life has begun to return a bit more to ‘normal’, we put a number of measures in place to make meetings ‘Covid-19 secure’, and held some trial face-to-face Support Group meetings, outdoors whenever possible. These proved very successful, functioning and feeling significantly to Zoom call based groups, and we have since ceased all Zoom groups and reverted to holding face-to-face Support Group meetings again. A schedule has been put in place until the end of September, after which, lockdown restrictions allowing, we plan to revert to our usual schedule.
The dates until the end of September, shown below, also take into account the regular break which is taken every September. All meetings are from 19:30 – 21:30

Safe and Sound (Trans) Support Group – Tuesday 1st September.

Family Support Group – Monday 31st August

One and All Support Group – Tuesday 25th August and 29th September

Trans Teen Support Group – this is still temporarily discontinued for the moment pending further review / consultation, but will not re-start before the end of September.

Details of each of the Groups below:

‘The Safe & Sound’ Support Group.
A weekly, facilitated support group for transgender people (regardless of whether MtF, FtM, CD/TV/TG/TS, transitioning or not), gender questioning and non-binary people. If you are anywhere on the gender variance spectrum, you are welcome here.

‘The Trans Teen Kernow Sound’ Support Group will be discontinued until post-lockdown
This facilitated group is aimed at transgender, gender-questioning and non-binary teens and young adults from 11 to 25. As well as a fortnightly support group, we often hold activity days doing all sorts of things from 10 Pin Bowling and cinema trips to Coasteering. Please contact us for details.

‘Family Matters’ Support Group.
A facilitated Support Group for partners, parents and family of transgender, non-binary or gender questioning people. We offer support for the parents and partners of transgender and non-binary people who often feel very isolated and bewildered whilst doing their best to be supportive and understanding.
‘One & All’ Support Group will be discontinued until post-lockdown.

‘One & All’ Support Group.
Once monthly we draw all our groups together for the ‘One and All’ support group, which gives everyone from all our groups the chance to interact with & support each other.
In all of our facilitated groups held at The Bat Cave, we offer support, advice, friendship and inclusion. Many people come here for their first time out of their house, some bring their partners, parents and children all are welcome here. Nobody should be afraid to leave their homes or feel isolated or vulnerable, nobody should feel like there is nowhere to turn for empathy and understanding.


Remember, you can always contact us at or by phone or message on 07763 001354 This will put you in touch with either Pixie, our Chair, or Paula, our Treasurer, both with a wide ranging knowledge and understanding of gender diversity issues. They will always ensure that you will speak to the person most suitable for your particular concerns.
We have a variety of events – you can see what’s upcoming at our Events page.

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